Living Together at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Living Together

Forming part of Olivier and Tony Award-winning playwright Alan Acykbourn’s best work The Norman Conquests, Living Together follows the antics of Norman, a romantic with questionable intentions, as he attempts to woo his wife’s sister Annie during a family weekend at the old country house. His interfering sister-in-law, Annie’s dim, would-be boyfriend and his own wife are just some of the obstacles that stand in his way.

It is an honour to be working alongside co-directors Griffith Rees and Laura Cull in bringing this serious, sobering and yet hilariously touching drama from its May run at the Oxford Playhouse to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. Producing such a project raises the bar from O’Reilly Theatre ventures delivering several hundred sales across five performances, requiring budgets to maintain the cast and crew for the entire month in Edinburgh as well as taking the adventurous set from the proscenium arch stage of the Playhouse and transporting it several hundred miles to Scotland for the summer.

With venues looking to move several thousand tickets during month-long runs, the Fringe offers unparalleled challenges for student theatre. Watch this space for more details as the project storms ahead.