Bid success: Jerusalem

With Tony nominations and Olivier Awards amongst its cast on hugely successful West End and Broadway shows, and having graduated from the Royal Court in 2009 with rave reviews, Jerusalem is bound to please. Stylistically, it toes the line between the guarantee of commercial success and the edgy, thought-provoking narrative of our broken-down society. From a producer’s perspective, this makes it the dream project: easily engaging enough to justify the hard work of the team, and quietly profitable enough to ensure the level of investment needed to do it justice. Driven by the lead character Johnny (“imagine King Arthur reincarnated as a troll”, was how The Times described him), a large cast can bring huge potential to a show. As the team learned on ’Tis Pity, a big group generates a wider interest within the community which makes direct marketing much easier, and the diversity of roles offers the opportunity for the project to bring new actors into the drama fold.

This will be the team’s third collaboration under the Commensal umbrella, and opens in November at the 140-seat O’Reilly Theatre, following a successful bidding process this afternoon. Will Felton returns to direct, six-time Edinburgh-fringe veteran Sean Ford is leading the technical approach and Eshan Shah returns in his role of Marketing/Production Manager after the successes of ’Tis Pity. Casting will begin next month – look out for more Jerusalem news soon.