Presenting: Citric Acid

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When life gives you lemons…

Citric Acid is an absurdist satire for the overeducated and underachieving, revolving around a lemonade stand in Shoreditch—run by two cooler-than-thou uni graduates—where a series of customers (from an alcoholic businessman to Karl Marx) come to buy overpriced, gluten-free lemonade. Throughout, the two central characters, Alice and Ben, run the stand with a combination of servile commercialism and ludicrous academic pretension—a combination that is not unfamiliar to the Oxford undergraduate set.

As the team’s first piece of original writing, from Alex Newton and Mina Odile Ebtehadj-Marquis, and a return to the Burton Taylor Studio for the collaborators of Endgame, the project represents an exciting opportunity to deliver something different to the Oxford theatre scene. Jack Saville joins the group as director, with Alex Grew reprising his role to head up the technical side of things.

Watch this space for more!