Introducing guest posts

plenty team

Ahead of some new announcements for our production company Radcliffe Camera Pictures, we have decided to move towards the New Year with a change to the regular news pieces on the website. Alongside updates on all of our current projects, we’re excited to have seven new guest posts from colleagues in theatre and film on issues relevant to the industry today, as well as the experiences and challenges they have encountered on recent productions. We have already heard from Tom Kinsella, composer for James, on the challenges of reinventing and adapting the incredible James Bond source material to create a fresh film soundtrack, and this series plans to focus on different aspects of the creative process too. Featuring seasoned theatre photographer Ollie Robinson, the writers of new stage comedy Citric Acid and crew members from film and theatre sets of recent years, we hope you’ll find these posts an interesting take on creative life. Among the first in the series will be Mina Odile, co-writer of Citric Acid and technical director/lighting designer on Endgame, Othello, Plenty, Jerusalem and ’Tis Pity, in a little over two weeks.

In the meantime, take a look at the rest of our Comment pieces here.