Radcliffe Camera this winter


Since it has been a few months since our last update here, I thought I would use the opportunity to add a personal post, and take stock of all the changes and new projects that 2016 has brought. The most significant step in the growth of Radcliffe Camera Pictures has been my move to London, and I’m looking forward to the opportunities the city has to offer – including the opportunity to reconnect with old teammates such as Ashley Hughes (Tantamount to Treason, Red Ribbon, James), who (proving that it is indeed a small world) now lives not far from my new place.

On the subject of previous colleagues, it was nice to hear of the successes of my former Revue colleagues Barney Fishwick and Will Hislop this year, in their reincarnation as The Giants. Their shows in Edinburgh and London went down very well, and I look forward to catching up with them soon. I also recently heard that Luke Howarth (director of Othello) is involved in new-writing theatre project In the Pink at Hoxton’s The Courtyard this winter under the direction of Emma Brand (Plenty), which is incredibly exciting news.

In terms of film projects on the cards, many will have seen The Night Manager (and if you haven’t, you should), which has inspired a return to ideas for Tantamount to Treason. The relaunch of this project has been in the pipeline for a long time – it is something which we keep coming back to as a group, but which is tough to take the plunge on. If we do move forward on a web-series or longer film in the spring, it will take all the lessons learned from previous productions (including the original short film) to put together a great project. We are starting to feel ready to return to the drafting board to move the new script forward. Certainly the world of Tantamount needs to grow in size, mostly internally: there are characters to be fleshed out and new relationships to be highlighted. The key challenge will be in avoiding clichés, which arise most often when writers tack on extra material as nothing more than an expansion of the plot. We’re very keen to be pressing ahead on this front soon as part of our expansion into action dramas. In other genres, we are looking at two potential novel adaptations for the end of 2017, and possible travel-based filmmaking over the summer and into the autumn.

We are also excited to be announcing a new series of Super 8 film projects for the spring: final meetings are being held this week, and more details will be published very soon.

Watch this space.