Filming on Super 8: London Time


With principal photography completed last weekend, and a final pickup scheduled for this week, DP Ashley Hughes introduced the Radcliffe Camera team to Super 8 in whirlwind fashion this month, on the shooting of micro-film London Time. Intended to give the group a feel for the discipline and excitement of shooting on real film, the project brought together actors Lily Taylor (Plenty) and James Dadford onscreen, with Andrew Hall directing and Ashley (whose collaborations to date include Tantamount to Treason, Red Ribbon | Blue Suit, Beauty & Acceptance and James) in charge of cinematography. Notably, the short project also marked the five-year anniversary of the pair’s debut project, Tantamount to Treason, being accepted into its first film festival.

The bleak winter weather that has plagued London over the past month gave way to beautiful sunshine as the team’s vintage Super 8 camera took in the architecture of London’s Canary Wharf. Moving forward, Ashley is relying on his previous experience with the medium to show the team the development and editing processes, and a finished cut is expected at the end of February.

All of this builds up to the thrilling formal launch of The Beachcomber, coming later this month.