Summer in Paris

After four months of nonstop glorious weather, my DP Ashley Hughes has finally moved out to Paris. And with perfect timing, as we begin the edit on our short film La robe which we shot in the arrondissement in which I live back in July. The film was a delight to make, working alongside and making new friends with local business owners at beautiful cafe Bleu Olive and boutique Amelie along the way. Editing and scoring are about to commence, and we hope to have something to screen once the cafe re-opens from its summer break and Paris society reconvenes for the autumn.

I am looking forward to getting back to London for a short period in September. As well as the opportunity to catch up with friends I am really missing, find that perfect Old Fashioned (Paris – take note – you need to improve) and move some more of my library out of storage, I am excited to be making a brief return to digital filmmaking with a micro-short planned for the first few days of September.

Back in Paris, Ashley and I have used the break during which our Super8 rolls were in the lab productively, with a number of projects on the go. In terms of writing, I am currently working through drafts of Robert Armitage material I hope to develop into more short films soon, and am working on a TV pilot script at the same time. On the production front, we are starting preparatory work on our most ambitious short film to date, slated for February, and I look forward to having preliminary meetings in early September with our ideal candidates for producer, production designer and cast. Marking our fourth project to be shot on film, and with an almost entirely location-dependent script, this 12-minute project will be a worthwhile challenge and hopefully our best shot at festival places for 2019.

As ever, watch this space.