Jerusalem: Cast Announced

Jerusalem set

The Commensal team are delighted to announce final casting decisions for their latest project, Jez Butterworth’s Jerusalem, opening in the O’Reilly Theatre from 5th November. Amongst the twelve members are a number of previous stars on Commensal stages and other projects under Andrew’s management, including two stars of this summer’s sellout run of Othello, three members of the wildly successful ’Tis Pity cast and band, an acclaimed Cuppers director, five Fringe performers and more. The list features heavyweights of the Oxford drama scene alongside newcomers and those changing the production office for the stage boards; the production team believes such a mix of talent from a variety of past shows will lead to the perfect cast.

Jerusalem opens in November at the O’Reilly Theatre, starring Barney Fishwick, Tom Pease, Will Hislop, Tommy Siman, Sammy Glover, James Mooney, Tom Gaisford, Clemi Collett, Ellie Lowenthal, Kathy Stocker, Alice Rivers, Duncan Cornish and Andrew Dickinson.