The Jerusalem Caravan

Jerusalem caravan

Following negotiations with a theatre production company based in Staffordshire over the past month, the Commensal team bringing Jerusalem to the O’Reilly Theatre in Oxford have acquired this amazing aluminium stage caravan to form the centrepiece of our set. The search has once again hammered home the value of social media for creative networking, when producer Andrew Hall was contacted directly by the director of the Staffordshire Jerusalem production about his plans for staging. His generous offer was discussed carefully by director Will Felton and signed off on by technical director Sean Ford – ultimately responsible for getting the caravan, which can be extended up to 20ft, into the O’Reilly venue. The team would like to thank director Leo Carpernaros of Stone Revellers Musical Theatre for his support in providing us this opportunity, and are looking forward to putting the caravan – which has featured in a number of Jerusalem productions around the country since its creation – onstage again this autumn.

This is only one of a number of exciting developments on the project in recent weeks, as the rehearsal schedule is confirmed and the cast start working in earnest towards their November 5 opening night. Tickets will go on general sale soon; watch this space for more news as rehearsals get under way and the marketing campaign begins to hit its stride in a little over three weeks’ time.