Announcing: Plenty


Following a bidding process packed with strong competition and three projects vying for each of the four slots at the O’Reilly Theatre for the spring 2015 season, director-producer collaborators Luke Howarth and Andrew Hall (Othello) are delighted to be bringing David Hare’s Plenty to an Oxford stage. Their team was built around the mantra of experience – the ability to deliver on their objectives and avoiding the pitfalls of so many hopeful production teams of the past by using lessons each member of the team has learned personally. Luke has directed and acted in over a dozen productions in the city while Andrew stepped off his fourth successive sell-out show earlier this month, and the pair are surrounded by talent in every role. Lily Taylor, current Broadcasting Editor for Cherwell, takes up the role of marketing director in fulfilling the team’s aim of a comprehensive online, print and press strategy which genuinely delivers on all three fronts, particularly in ensuring that Oxford’s papers carry their weight in driving people to the production. Having come into their own on the hugely ambitious Jerusalem this month for Commensal Theatre, technical directors Mina Ebtehadj-Marquis and Alex Grew are building on their experience in delivering a set worthy of a David Hare play, and designed by Lamorna Ash, a key part of many artistic teams in productions this year. Jerusalem stage manager Ruth Ingamells reprises her role for Plenty too, organising the practical aspects of this twisting exploration into schizophrenia and the role of women in post-war society.

With casting scheduled for the next fortnight and a tough schedule ahead, watch this space for all the updates.