Casting Plenty


Director Luke Howarth (Othello) is delighted to confirm his cast for David Hare’s masterpiece Plenty as rehearsals start for the 4th week O’Reilly show in a little under three weeks. Familiar faces returning to the stage include Kathy Stocker (Othello, ’Tis Pity, Jerusalem) and Andrew Dickinson (Jerusalem), as well as a number of Oxford theatre heavyweights building on the successes of previous projects at the O’Reilly, and the play’s strong presentation of gender and mental issues in the rarely-explored years following the war.

Plenty stars Kathy Stocker, Aoife Cantrill, Andrew Dickinson, Grainne O’Mahony, Emma Brand, Archie Thomson, George Varley, Shrai Popat and William Yeldham, and opens on February 11th 2015.