Final stages on James

James slate crop

Postproduction on James enters its final phase this week, following a very productive meeting with the project’s composer, Tom Kinsella, on Saturday. The directorial team have already set out their timetable for completion of the audio to the film – including several hundred sound effects, a fresh dialogue track and the original score – and are spending the next few days finding reference material for a soundscape to complement the allusions made to John Barry’s original Bond masterpiece.

Elsewhere on the production, final editorial notes on key pickup shots and the overall colour grade of the film await discussion with the team’s London-based editor Ashley Hughes. Two sets of posters – a teaser for the colleagues of the Keble College-based novice cast and a professional design for general release – go to print in just over a fortnight, as the group fits the final stages of the film around university examinations.

The first screening – and an accompanying party – is set for Wednesday 17th June.