Marketing Citric Acid

CA banner

As production on Citric Acid draws into its final week before opening at Oxford’s BT Studio, the marketing team kick into high gear with a series of surreal images inspired by the dubious vibes of club night posters found scattered around the city. Concepts including a drowning Barbie doll and young children sampling the eponymous distorted lemon reveal how out-of-touch modern pop culture can be, and how wide of the mark its irony often lands. Campaigning across Facebook and with iconic posters plastered on the walls of venues perhaps frequented by the “overeducated and the underachieving” to whom the comedy speaks, the group’s work will intensify in coming days with a cast photoshoot, press previews and suggestions of impromptu performances popping up across the university town.

Tickets to see this brave new comedy from Oxford student writers Mina Ebtehadj-Marquis and Alex Newton are now onsale here.