RadCam takes on Tantamount saga

Four years since student short film Tantamount to Treason began the filmmaking careers of Ashley Hughes (ARTHAUS) and Andrew Hall, inspiring a mentality that visual and narrative success was possible even without a budget or experienced cast, Radcliffe Camera Pictures (James) takes on the development of a potential web-series born from the Tantamount world. Charting the twisted paths of the three central characters through London, Moscow and New York, the three-part drama is currently undergoing a rewrite before the team is assembled to approach interested financial partners. The initial short was followed by collaborations on Dare I Say, Beauty and Acceptance, Red Ribbon | Blue Suit and James from the producer-DP duo, and all parties from the original Tantamount project are being contacted for their ideas on its future.

Take a look at the original trailer and short film, and watch this space for more.